Emet’s Popular Seminary Featuring Rebbetzin Tehila Jaeger Begins Its Second Year

It’s not easy for young married women and college students to invest their time on a Sunday morning, let alone each week for an entire semester. Yet a group of dedicated students come to Emet’s Learning Center every week to learn Torah and experience unparalleled growth.

This past Sunday, Emet Outreach’s seminary for girls, Ateret Emet, began the fall semester of its second year. Led by Emet Women’s Director Shira Fendel and featuring the renowned Rebbetzin Tehila Jaeger, this weekly program offers upper-level students an insightful and deeper understanding of halachah, t’filah, hashkafah, Navi, and other fundamental topics. The curriculum typically focuses on subject matter that many people, including those who have an extensive yeshivah background, tend to find mystifying…

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Learning, Connecting, And Growing At Emet’s Pre-Rosh HaShanah Weekend Of Inspiration

On Labor Day weekend, Emet Outreach held a “Weekend of Inspiration” retreat at the beautiful Crowne Plaza in Danbury, Connecticut. It was attended by over 150 people, including Emet staff, couples, and young women from Emet’s Step it Up division. Guests included renowned teacher Rebbetzin Tehila Jaeger and Rabbi Avi Cassel, Olami’s North American Regional Director.

This was an opportunity for Emet’s couples, alumni, and students to enjoy a warm, personal, and intimate Shabbos experience with rabbis and mentors. The event focused on spiritual growth, deepening connections, and boosting knowledge…

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Over 40 EMET Students Return From Life-Changing Trip To Poland, Prague, And Vienna

This month, forty-two EMET students, along with two rabbis and four staff members, spent an unforgettable week touring Poland, Prague, and Vienna. It was EMET’s third exclusive trip to Eastern Europe, and its second trip this year. EMET Co-Director Rabbi Mordechai Kraft and Upper Boys’ Division Director Rabbi Nissim Musheyev …

Beyond Kosher: Rabbi Kigel’s Torah-Based Approach to Healthful Eating

Two weeks ago at the Emet Outreach Learning Center in Jamaica Estates, Campus Director Rabbi Reuven Kigel gave a lecture about a topic he’s very passionate about: healthful eating.

Rabbi Kigel stressed that, from the Torah’s perspective, eating is not an end unto itself but a tool to serve Hashem…

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Rebbetzin Kigel Draws Massive Crowd at Emet’s Learning Center

Marriage takes a lot of work. It’s important to have the proper expectations for marriage. You can’t expect it will be all birds singing and rainbows. You have to be prepared for the bumps,” Rebbetzin Devorah Kigel stated. On Monday evening, July 16, an overflow crowd of women filled the Emet Outreach office on Union Turnpike eager to hear a shalom bayis shiur from Rebbetzin Kigel. “She’s an amazing rebbetzin,” one Emet Outreach student exclaimed. It was clear she has a beautiful connection with so many…

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Emet Launches New Higher-Level Division

In recent years, we’ve noticed that as students grow and advance in Torah knowledge and halachah observance, many require higher-level programming to keep their momentum going. Students thirst for more challenging shiurim to increase their knowledge and help strengthen their commitment to observance. For an outreach organization, this is a “good” problem – being so successful…

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Emet’s Popular Seminary Featuring Rebbetzin Jaeger Completes A Successful Year

This past year we launched the Ateret Emet Seminary, an exciting initiative that caters to our higher-level students’ desire for continued learning and growth. Every Sunday morning, students come to the Emet Learning Center in Jamaica Estates to enjoy breakfast, learning, inspiration, and a warm social atmosphere. The seminary, led by Emet’s popular Women’s Director, Shira Fendel, had an extremely…

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Students Return from Unforgettable Life-Changing Trip to Poland

On Monday, June 4, thirty-seven Emet students from Baruch College, Stony Brook University, and Queens College, returned from a stirring, week-long trip to Poland and Prague. This was our second exclusive trip to Eastern Europe. Students spent the entire school year attending classes specifically crafted to prepare for this trip spiritually and emotionally. As anticipated, the experience was life-changing for both students and staff.

Led by Co-Founder and Director Rabbi Mordechai Kraft…

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Pre-Shavuot Lecture By Rabbi Tatz Draws Large Crowd In Forest Hills

It can be risky to schedule a lecture the night before Shavuos, especially with a three-day Yom Tov approaching. People are busy preparing, and it’s not easy to find two extra hours to attend a lecture. Yet when Emet Outreach’s Co-founder and CEO Rabbi Akiva Rutenberg learned that renowned speaker Rabbi Akiva Tatz was available, he didn’t hesitate. He grabbed the opportunity to give Emet students and alumni a chance for growth and inspiration as they entered kabalas haTorah.

A large crowd attended Rabbi Tatz’s powerful…

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Emet’s Trip To Europe: An Unforgettable Experience That Inspires Lasting Change

This past Sunday, three Emet Outreach senior staff members and about 40 students embarked on what will hopefully be a life-changing trip to Poland and Prague. They will explore their heritage, discover rich Jewish historical sites spanning hundreds of years, and witness first-hand the tragedies and travails experienced by millions of Jews during the Holocaust.

This exclusive weeklong trip is led by Co-Founder and Director Rabbi Mordechai Kraft, Emet’s Stony Brook Fellowship Director Rabbi Dovid Delman, along with…

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