About Us

Redefining Jewish Outreach...in Queens and beyond

EMET Outreach began in 2004 as a small local campus outreach program. It has evolved into a thriving, bustling organization with over 20 talented staff members, and a vast array of dynamic programming throughout Queens and beyond.

Students stay connected throughout school, as young professionals, and after they get married and start families.

EMET offers programs and classes for a wide range of age groups and levels. In addition to multiple beginner fellowship programs, there is an upper-level girls’ and boys’ division, and a couple’s division.

Throughout the year, students enjoy a vast array of educational and inspirational programs and events:

  • Programming on 8 local campuses
  • 5 Fellowship programs for beginners
  • Step-It-Up for higher-level girls
  • Beit Medrash Program
  • Lectures by popular and renowned experts on halacha, shalom bayit, mussar, history, philosophy, Jewish thought, and much more
  • Ateret Emet Seminary featuring Rebbetzin Tehilla Jaeger
  • Life-changing trips to Israel, Europe, and exotic locations
  • Melave Malkas
  • Classes on Tanach, Halacha, Jewish Philosophy, Hebrew language, Talmud, Marriage, Parenting, Mussar, and Hashkafa
  • Shabbat at the Delmans
  • Special events
  • Weekend retreats
  • Weekly Shabbatons
  • Personal and couples’ counseling
  • Mother-Daughter events

EMET’s unique approach to outreach is predicated on relationship-building and personal attention.

We connect Jewish teens, college students, young professionals, and couples to their Jewish heritage, and inject them with a deep appreciation of Judaism and a sense of pride in its rich traditions.

Our warm, passionate rabbis and teachers develop personal bonds with each individual, teaching them Torah and guiding them through every stage of life. 

Emet is a multifaceted educational and outreach organization whose mission is to spread the beauty and relevance of Judaism and Torah to young adults yearning to discover and connect with their heritage. Students are continually encouraged by the warm, dedicated Emet staff to take additional steps to enhance their personal growth.

Emet’s convenient location in the heart of the Queens community, where many students live, allows its teachers and rabbis to be involved in the students’ lives both on-campus and off-campus. Emet students span the horizon from Sephardic to Ashkenazi. However, being located in the heart of Queens which today boasts the largest concentration of Bukharian Jews in the world, Emet plays a major role in the lives of Bukharian college students and young adults.

A unique aspect of Emet is that it is involved simultaneously in campus and community outreach. Emet’s learning programs, which include lunch and learns, lectures, as well as small group learning, take place daily in several colleges. Emet rabbis and educators also keep in touch with students beyond the confines of the campus. Summer programs, Shabbatons, special events, and weekly evening community-based classes are integral parts of Emet’s all-encompassing approach.

Emet students are students for life. The organization facilitates students’ growth at pivotal moments in their lives, especially when they embark on the momentous journey of building Jewish homes.