Trips and Experiences

Throughout the year, EMET students participate in uplifting and educational trips designed to create a spiritual reawakening for the mind, body, and soul. Torat Emet students visit sunny Arizona in the winter, spending hours each day in the Beit Midrash, followed by exhilarating tours and activities. Step-it-Up students spend a week in gorgeous Miami, soaking up much more than just the rays--they hear powerful and inspiring shiurim, and spend an unforgettable Shabbat with all the trimmings. Fellowship graduates from all EMET campuses are taken on an exclusive life-changing tour of Poland and Prague, where they experience the heritage of Ashkenazi Jews for over a thousand years, and visit impactful destinations that give them a picture of life in Europe before and during the Holocaust. Throughout these trips, students engage in meaningful and thought-provoking discussions with rabbis, madrichot, mentors, and peers.