Emet’s Popular Seminary Featuring Rebbetzin Tehila Jaeger Begins Its Second Year

It’s not easy for young married women and college students to invest their time on a Sunday morning, let alone each week for an entire semester. Yet a group of dedicated students come to Emet’s Learning Center every week to learn Torah and experience unparalleled growth.

This past Sunday, Emet Outreach’s seminary for girls, Ateret Emet, began the fall semester of its second year. Led by Emet Women’s Director Shira Fendel and featuring the renowned Rebbetzin Tehila Jaeger, this weekly program offers upper-level students an insightful and deeper understanding of halachah, t’filah, hashkafah, Navi, and other fundamental topics. The curriculum typically focuses on subject matter that many people, including those who have an extensive yeshivah background, tend to find mystifying…

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