Rabbi Michael Fuzaylov

Rabbi Michael Fuzaylov, became an Emet student 18 years ago and joined the EMET staff 8 years ago. He
attended Yeshiva University, where he finished a degree in Sociology along with a pre-med curriculum in
2009. He then learned in Kollel at Yeshivas Zichron Aryeh for six years, and received Rabbinic Ordination
from Rabbi Moshe Heinemman, head of the STAR-K. Rabbi Fuzaylov leads the level 2 Men's division at
EMET, as well as teaching at our level 1 college programs. Rabbi Fuzaylov and his wife, Mrs. Dina
Fuzaylov moved 3 years ago to Forest Hills, NY to provide uplifting programming and host weekly
Shabbat meals for EMET students.