Sara B. (Basiratmand – Benyamin)

Sara B. (Basiratmand – Benyamin), Emet Program Director, was born in Iran and grew up in Queens. Sara
attended TBY, Tiferes Bnos Yisroel Seminary, and later attended Queensborough Community College
and Touro College. Joining Emet in 2004 while still a student, Sara has been part of Emet from the
beginning and she has elevated our programming to a new dimension. Her boundless love for Judaism is
absolutely contagious and builds momentum and excitement among Emet students. The love she has
for all her Emet students is limitless. Sara has organized and led many Emet programs and trips. Her
energy and enthusiasm level are unsurpassed. Four years ago we all joined in happily celebrating Sara’s
wedding to Yiggy Benyamin and Yiggy is a welcome addition to the Emet family. The connection he has
built with the students and the love he has for Emet is truly admirable. Yiggy works as a behavioral
therapist. His method of therapy has made a difference in so many people’s lives. We are so happy to
have the B’s as part of the Emet family.