Help Thousands of Local College Students Discover a Torah Lifestyle

Help Thousands Of Local College Students Discover a Torah Lifestyle

Right now, tens of thousands of Jewish college students and young professionals in the New York area are Judaically unaffiliated. Many are advancing their secular education. Many have successful careers. But they simply don’t know what it means to be a Jew.

Today is YOUR chance to help. Together, let’s show them the beauty and joy of a Torah lifestyle.

EMET Outreach, one of the largest and most successful kiruv organizations in the U.S., is asking the community to join its mission.

This organization has impacted the lives of over 5,000 students in the course of 14 years Emet is holding its annual Charidy fundraiser now, hoping to raise $800,000 by 2 PM Tuesday.

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What is EMET?

A campus kiruv organization—and much more. EMET is REDEFINING Jewish outreach, by developing long-lasting relationships with students that begin in college and continue after students graduate, and build their own families.

Anchored in the largest Jewish Bukharian community in the world, EMET’s unique approach to outreach has achieved amazing results.

15 dynamic staff members work with thousands of secular students from Stony Brook University to Baruch College, from St. John’s University to Queens College and beyond. Rabbis introduce students to the beauty of Torah and mitzvos, many for the first time in their lives. After they graduate, the growth keeps going at full throttle, as rabbis and teachers build long-term relationships with students and guide them as they enter the workforce and raise families.

EMET students enjoy a vast array of events:

  • Leaders Fellowships
  • Step-It-Up advanced programming for girls
  • Torat EMET advanced learning for boys
  • Lectures on halacha, shalom bayit, Jewish philosophy, and more
  • Ateret Emet Seminary
  • Educational Trips to Israel, Europe, and locations
  • Melave Malkas
  • Special events and retreats
  • Weekly Shabbatons
  • Personal hadracha and couples’ counseling

One student, Nerik Akilov, summed it up as follows: “Throughout these past 8 years that I’ve been involved with Emet, I have been sculpted into a well-rounded Jewish individual, and have incorporated Shabbos, Kashrus and Torah learning on a scheduled basis into my life.”

This opportunity only comes once a year. You can partner with this amazing organization, and help students from all over New York reconnect to Judaism and Hashem.

Join in this amazing zechus.

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