Mrs. Dina Fuzaylov

Mrs. Dina Fuzaylov, was born in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. She graduated from Touro College with a
Masters degree in Speech Pathology. Mrs. Fuzaylov is living her dream of bringing the Jewish people
closer to Hashem through her warm hospitality and teaching. The Fuzaylovs love hosting students each
Shabbat and on the holidays, including Sukkot when they hosted over 100 students with delicious
homemade challah and delicacies. The girls feel her love towards Hashem, Torah and Mitzvot, and
instantly connect with her. She also shows women how to cover their hair in a beautiful and simple way
so that they are inspired and excited to do this special mitzvah. Mrs. Fuzaylov’s gentle way while both
hosting and teaching enables her students to reach their highest potential through Torah and Mitzvot.